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"Just Friends" and "Just Friends Again" - LPs - piano, Harrisburg PA 1980 w/ Tom Strohman (woodwinds), Ron Waters (trpt), Jim Wood (p), Jim Miller (b.) and John Peifer (dr.) - available through Tom Strohman Music 717-274-0674


"Three Others" -Steve Rudolph Trio - piano / arranger Harrisburg PA 1984 w/ Ray Brinker(dr) and Steve Meashey (b) (Not available)


 "The Reunion Band - Live in Munich" piano/composer 1988 Munich Germany w/ Thomas Stabenow (b), Harald Ruschenbaum (dr) and Joerg Widmoser (violin) on Upsolute Records (available LP only)


 "Everything I Love,” - Steve Rudolph - piano/arranger/composer Pittsburgh PA 1994 w/ Roger Humphries (dr), Dwayne Dolphin (b) & Steve Varner (b) released in ‘95 on R&L Records, RLCD41049  


 Pure Imagination” - Robin Work & The Steve Rudolph Trio - , RLCD1051 piano/arranger/producer - Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording, w/ Bill Goodwin (dr), Paul Langosch (b), Robin Work (voc) released in August of 1997 on R&L  


 “A Carole for Miles” piano/arranger/composer/producer Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording, w/ Bill Goodwin (dr), Paul Langosch (b), 1996 unreleased - four tunes used on the Crabtree & Evelyn - Music for Romance release in '98


 Pianist and arranger in February of ’97 on the last recording of legendary trumpeter Johnny Coles w/ Paul Klinefelter (b) - unreleased


 Crabtree & Evelyn - Music for Romance”, piano/composer/arranger/producer was distributed in February of 1998 to Crabtree & Evelyn stores nationwide, garnering a large article in the Jan. 31, 1998 issue of Billboard Magazine and receiving national air play. RLCD1052


 "Central PA Jazz Sampler" RLCD1053 - producer - collection of 12 Central PA based artists in a fund raising CD for the Central PA Friends of Jazz in 1998


  "Christmas with the Steve Rudolph Trio" RLCD1054 piano/arranger/producer - Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording - w/ Matt Wilson (dr) & Paul Langosch (b) recorded Jan '98 released in the fall of '98.  


  "You & I" - Cathy Chemi (voc) RLCD1055 - pianist/arranger/producer - Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording - w/ Paul Langosch (b), Cathy Chemi (voc) released in April of 99



"Rudolph/Valentino Project" - pianist/ arranger/ composer/ co-producer - Manchester Craftsmen's Guild 1998 w/ Vinny Valentino (g), Bob Moses (dr), Larry Gray (b) and a string section from the Pittsburgh Symphony - co-producers were George Benson, Jay Ashby and Vinny Valentino - promotional release in 2000 - RLCD1058 (Not available)



In March of '99 he was featured on guitarist Joe Negri's live "all Ellington" recording project for MCG Records with Roger Humphries, Gerry Niewood, Mike Tomaro and Paul Langosch. - unreleased



 "21st Century Swing Band" - piano - Manchester Craftsmen's Guild 1999 - released New Year's Eve 99/00. Jay & Marty Ashby producers - Roger Humphries (dr.), Dwayne Dolphin (b), Marty Ashby (g) Jay Ashby (trb.), Kim Nazarian (voc), Mike Tomaro (s), Danny Conn (tpt.), Jim Guerra (sax), Steve Hawk (tpt.), Joe Negri (g) released 1999 on MCG-Jazz, MCG1007



"D'earth, D'moon & D'stars" - Steve Rudolph Quartet - pianist / arranger / composer / producer - Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording - Jan. 2000 w/ John D'earth (trpt.), Paul Langosch (b) and Matt Wilson (dr.) in Jan of 2000 (unreleased).


 "In Our Prime" - Tom Strohman/ Steve Rudolph Quartet - pianist / arranger / composer / co-producer - Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording - Oct. 2000 - Bill Goodwin (dr, Tom Strohman (woodwinds), Steve Varner (b) released spring of 2001. R&L Records RLCD1060



 That Was Good" - Cal Collins - pianist / arranger / producer/ composer - Saylorsburg PA, Red Rock Recording - Sept.. 2000 - Cal Collins (g), Paul Langosch (b), Tom Whaley (dr) released in August 2001 - R&L Records RLCD1062


 "The Joe Hunt Trio" - pianist / arranger / producer with Joe Hunt - drums & Steve Meashey - bass at Red Rock Recording in Nov. 2002 - released on Dreambox Media DMJ-1067


"For Robin" - Dwayne Dolphin . Dolphin(b), Steve Rudolph (p. on one tune) James Johnson III (dr) Recorded 2001..released 2004 available at www.CDbaby.com or at http://www.dwaynedolphin.com


 "Soul Quest" - Ryerson & Rudolph PA.CT101 with Ali Ryerson, flutes & Steve Varner, bass at Red Rock Recording in Feb. 2003 - to be released May 1st, 2004....


 "Uptown Elegance" - Joe Negri Recording at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild w/Joe Negri and an all-star cast of players - Buddy DeFranco, Terry Gibbs, Gerry Niewood on the MCG label.....released August 2004 available at www.wal-mart.com or from Manchester Craftmen's Guild


 "Dedicated To You" - Steve Rudolph Trio featuring J.D. Walter PACT1010 Recording with J.D. Walter, Steve Varner & Marko Marcinko at Red Rock Recording in April 2003...to be released June 10th, 2004 MORE INFO


 "When the Sun Comes Out" - Amy Banks -- recorded 2004 - vocalist Amy Banks w/ Steve Rudolph -piano/ arranger; Allen Farnham - piano/arranger; Steve Varner - bass; Tim Warfield - sax; Rich DeRosa - drums....for info www.amybanksonline.com







 "When the Sun Comes Out" - Amy Banks -- recorded 2004 - vocalist Amy Banks w/ Steve Rudolph -piano/ arranger; Allen Farnham - piano/arranger; Steve Varner - bass; Tim Warfield - sax; Rich DeRosa - drums....for info www.amybanksonline.com




"NINE" - Dred "Perky Scott & the Steve Rudolph Trio - PACT 1011 recorded live at the Whitaker Center, Harrisburg PA Oct. 2004 Dred Scott - vocal/arranger /producer, Steve Rudolph - piano/arranger/producer, Dwayne Dolphin - bass, Roger Humphries - drums, Bonnie Harris - vocal


 Broumas CD  

"Wild Is Love" - Jamie BroumasSteve Rudolph - piano - musical director - arranger - recorded Jan 2007 at Red Rock Recording with Steve Williams, drums; Charlie Young, saxes; Michael Bowie, bass & Jamie Broumas, vocal - released Oct 2007...on PACT Records




Almost Home - Nate Birkey 2008 (S.R. - piano on one tune)


 Birkey Xmas  

Christmas - Nate Birkey 2008 Personnel: Nate Birkey - trumpet, vocals; Jim Ridl - piano; Tony Marino - bass; Marko Marcinko - drums; Steve Rudolph - piano; Vic Juris - guitar..



Day Dream

 Day Dream - Steve Rudolph, Phil Haynes, Drew Gress - PACT 1014 - Steve was pianist, arranger, producer & graphic artist. Recorded March 2009 by Jon Rosenberg at Bucknell University. Phil - drums; Drew - bass - released Nov '09


Nelson CD  Come A Little Closer - Carolyn Nelson (voc.) - Steve Varner (b), Erik Johnson (dr), Paul Bollenback (g) Steve Rudolph (p., arr.) recorded Oct. '09-Jan. '10

Steve Rudolph Trio "LIVE" - piano; Joe Hunt (dr); Steve Meashey (bass) on DreamboxMedia DMJ1131











Ardent Marigolds Ardent Marigolds - PACT6424  Jonathan Ragonese & Steve Rudolph - recorded 6-15 & 16, 2013 at Rose Lehrman Arts Center

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