Live Jazz in twelve locations for this year's JazzWalk 2022 Participating Venues & Musicians

Pursuit Coworking - 922 N. 3rd Street John Gingerich, Oliver Mayman, Mike Metzer (bass, piano, drums)

Crawdaddy's - 1500 N. 6th Street Nancy and Spencer Reed (guitar, bass, vocals)

Zeroday Brewing - Outpost at Midtown Cinema - 250 Reilly Street Mark Swartzbaugh Trio

Susquehanna Art Museum - 1401 N. 3rd Street tgDivergence - Tom and Greg Strohman (sax, trombone, piano)

Good Brotha's Book Cafe - 1419 N. 3rd Street

FLTBYS - 263 Reily Street

Millworks - 340 Verbeke Street Bill Perbetsky, Andy Roberts, Steve Meashey (trumpet, piano, bass) Reservations recommended

Historic Harrisburg Association - 1230 N. 3rd Street Steve Rudolph Trio

TheBurg - 920 N. 3rd Street Kirk Reese, Ryan Kuhns, Jeff Stabley (piano, bass, drums)

HMAC - 1110 N. 3rd Street Kris Kostoff, AJ Myers, Justin Bowden (guitar, bass, drums)

Midtown Scholar - 1302 N. 3rd Street Gavin Horning Trio

Nyeusi Gallery - 1224 N. 3rd Street Dvon Cruise, Avery Hymon, Selara Mann (piano, bass, drums)